230W 7R BEAM

The 230W 7R Moving Beam is a professional and powerful moving head fixture  with 16 channels of DMX


14 Colors + White

17 Gobos

8 Facet Prism + Rotation


The 36x10W Moving Head Wash is a professional and powerful moving head fixture with 16 channels of DMX


36 RGBW 10W Diodes

Built in color mixing

Motorized zoom 


The RGB Par is a stagnant, entry level lighting fixture for varying applications with 5 channels of DMX      


18 RGB 3W Diodes

Lightweight for easy rigging

Small size 

3.91 500x1000mm indoor led panels

Our LED Panels are a highly versatile panel perfect for high resolution and complex graphics at a short viewing distance.

Tri-Color SMD LED'S, a wide-viewing angle and color consistency provide better image quality and wider viewing range. 

Every panel in our inventory is easily interlocked to allow for creative, mixed resolution displays.

Easy installation and connectivity using Neutrik powerCON and etherCON connectors.

5W rgb laser

Our 5W Lasers are a full-color RGBW, diode-based laser system.

Designed for clients who need impactful aerial beam effects, with the ability to also produce laser graphics, logos, and text.


Our CO2 Cannons provide 25ft - 30ft blasts

Fully DMX programmable LED's around the nozzle 

antari z-350 fazer

The Z-350 Fazer from Elation Professional uses water-based fluid to produce a dry haze that will add mood effects and enhance any light show.

The Z-350 uses a 0.17" -wide fluid channel that reduces the possibility of clogging and makes 430 minutes of non-stop hazing at maximum output.

Onboard DMX allows for remote control of self-cleaning, start, and heat-up functions.